Goalkeeper Training Across South Florida

Goalkeeper/Goal Scorer Camp at Barry University

August 5-9 – 6:00-8:00 PM

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Advanced goalkeeper training geared towards keepers looking to play at the college level and beyond

Led by 2018 NCAA National Champion Goalkeeper Coach Brian GalvinMiami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Convenient locations across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties

Contact Brian Galvin at bgalvin@SouthFloridaGK.com or call/text 614-565-0855.

Current Schedule of Training Sessions

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The SFGA Juniors Goalkeeper Training Program provides the foundation for future success in the goal by teaching young keepers the proper techniques to save shots effectively and safely, all while building their enthusiasm for goalkeeping and having fun.  

 The lateral movements necessary in goalkeeping are far different than the forward walking and running kids are accustomed to in their youth. Our Juniors program places heavy emphasis on games and activities that make movements from side-to-side more natural. Teaching these techniques at an early age allows the proper techniques of goalkeeping to develop by muscle memory, creating more fundamentally sound goalkeepers as they progress.

Coming out of the Juniors Program, keepers will be proficient in:

Stance and positioning/angles, Lateral footwork, Catching, Basic diving, Breakaways/ 1v1s, Goal kicks and punts

Our Select Goalkeeping Program is aimed at developing the fundamental skills of goalkeeping for keepers age 13 to 18.

Keepers will learn essential goalkeeping skills including:

Footwork, Positioning/Angles, Catching, Diving, Defending breakaways, Distribution (punts, dropkicks, throwing, back passes), Handling crosses

A typical session will consist of an intense warm-up, followed by coaches teaching the technical aspects of a skill. This will be followed by repetition of the skill under game conditions, with further critique from the staff on form. Once the skill has been learned, we move on to competitions involving the skill to see how well keepers can perform the correct technique under pressure. We end every session with a fitness workout involving core strength, plyometrics, and body weight exercises to build keepers into athletes capable of making any save in the goal.

The SFGA Advanced Goalkeeping Program focuses on developing top-level keepers capable of playing at the collegiate or professional level.  

SFGA Advanced goalkeeping sessions emphasize:

Perfecting technique on every style of save
Refining catching technique to hold every shot
Increasing diving power through plyometric jumping exercises
Improving agility through a variety of footwork drills
Building strength through body-weight and core exercises
Breeding competitiveness by making every drill and game a contest

Every aspect of the SFGA Advanced Goalkeeping Program mirrors the techniques, drills and exercises used at the collegiate and professional levels.  Keepers coming out of this program will be prepared to succeed at the highest levels of the game.

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