Our Select Goalkeeping Program is aimed at developing the fundamental skills of goalkeeping for keepers age 12 to 14.

Keepers will learn essential goalkeeping skills including:

  • Footwork
  • Positioning/Angles
  • Catching
  • Diving
  • Defending breakaways
  • Distribution (punts, dropkicks, throwing, back passes)
  • Handling crosses

A typical session will consist of an intense warm-up, followed by coaches teaching the technical aspects of a skill. This will be followed by repetition of the skill under game conditions, with further critique from the staff on form. Once the skill has been learned, we move on to competitions involving the skill to see how well keepers can perform the correct technique under pressure. We end every session with a fitness workout involving core strength, plyometrics, and body weight exercises to build keepers into athletes capable of making any save in the goal.

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