There are no words to describe what an amazing Goalie Coach Brian Galvin is. Our son started with Brian 4 years ago wanting to play goalie for Team Boca. He started training with Brian during group and private sessions and the following year, he made the team. He has continued training with Brian for group and privates for 3 years. Brian not only teaches technical skills, he motivates him to improve and keeps the training fun. The camps he runs are fun for the goalies but they work hard. Because of Brian, he loves the game, and has a dream to play college soccer. We feel very fortunate to have Brian as our son’s Goalie Coach. We highly recommend him as a trainer.

Beth Osborne

Coach Brian Galvin is a great role model for young keepers and is able to bring out the best of every single player. My U11 son has gone from zero to getting praise from other team coaches in just under one year, and he is gaining self-confidence in this new role for him, little by little. Plus, Coach Brian is just a good guy overall, and that is one huge asset for us. We couldn’t be happier.
Luis B. Pintado

My son (2004) began training with Brian about a year ago. Brian’s sessions are well run and have purpose behind them. Brian takes the time to show and explain the proper technique, and has honed my son’s skills. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced keeper, training with Brian can definitely improve your game. In fact, in my own son’s words, “Brian’s training has taken me to the next level” and we wholeheartedly agree.

Adolfo Anzola

Brian is an enthusiastic coach and a positive role model both on and off the field. He is knowledgeable about the sport of soccer, he makes training challenging while providing a fun and encouraging environment. Our son is excited each and every time he trains with Brian and because of Brian’s training is developing as a player. What more could you ask for?
Natalie Sudit

My son, Landon, started to train with Coach Brian after he played goalie for a season during recreation soccer. Landon wanted to try out for club soccer so he trained with Brian to prepare for try outs and has been training with him ever since. For the past three years, Brian has been not only the best coach we could have asked for but also a positive role model. Brian is able to bring out the best in each keeper and keeps them challenged as they grow in experience. His training is tough but fun and I know when Landon got into a game that he has had the best training possible. I can’t say enough about Brian as a coach and as a person. Thank you!
Christine P